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Earth Caller - Crystal Death

Candice Haridimou
Candice Haridimou 11 January 2018 at 15.36

Earth Caller - Crystal Death Cover

There’s nothing new about straddling hardcore and metalcore, but Melbourne’s Earth Caller have taken a good ’ol bash at making both genres count on new album ‘Crystal Death’.

Openers ‘Pipe Dreams’ and ‘Sucka’ hit home with a punk-fuelled fusion of slamming beats, crushing metallic riffs and Josh Collard’s mauling rap / growl combo, but the pace drops and melodies unfurl over the record’s second half - making for a more anthemic finale in ‘May 16’ and ‘Hold On’. Though it ends on a softer note than anticipated, it’s still a powerful listen for the most part; combining pleas for unity in its lyrics with a satisfying variety of sounds and moods.

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