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Dweller - Dweller

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 7 August 2011 at 12.44

Dweller - Dweller Cover

A solid debut from the Aberdeen crew, which promises better things to come...

This five-tracker from Aberdeen-based Dweller is a solid debut, but it’s obvious that they’re aiming for a lot more than that. Right from the barraging intro of the eponymous opener, it’s clear that these boys are determined to create ambitious, heady and accomplished songs. This frequently works, as they meld atmospheric rock akin to latter-day Thrice to inflections of smarter screamo bands like Chiodos and occasional, but very welcome, short bursts of hardcore riffery and aggression. These most impactful moments are ace; however, they’re undermined by less affecting passages, and in the dull and lyrically peculiar ‘Killer’, they drop the ball completely.

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