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Drum Eyes - Gira, Gira

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 12 August 2010 at 15.33

Drum Eyes - Gira, Gira Cover

DJ Scotch Egg moves further into the unknown with the release of Gira, Gira. RS explores.

Although the dimension that Japanese expat DJ Scotch Egg operated in was genuinely unlike much else out there – a mix of chiptune, gabber techno and screeching noise – it was indeed one-dimensional for the most part. Over time, though, he has expanded his remit, partly through Drum Eyes, which sees him manipulating his trusty Game Boys with pals from other bands, including Boredoms. Budget bleepiness is thus married to crunching noise-rock loops, nods to gleaming space disco and an appropriate emphasis on crashing drum performances. That said, the closing ‘Hana B’ works in a sort of gauzy ambience, providing a fine comedown from the mania.

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