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Dripback - Inhaling The Ashes

Jonathan Horsley
Jonathan Horsley 9 June 2011 at 10.00

Dripback - Inhaling The Ashes Cover

Spazzed-out channel surfer riffs ahoy...

Dripback feature some brutal-dude alumni from Ted Maul, Labrat, River Freshney and Pure Negative, and make the sort of spazzed-out channel surfer riff-choices that’ll keep today’s ADHD slam-junkie in attack mode. The signature modi operandi of all members’ previous convictions are fairly obvious under cursory examination, and quintessentially British they are, too. Given that this is metal for metal’s sake, Dripback won’t be calling an EGM anytime soon to see how best they can break into the mainstream – pile the gang vox, deathgrunts and screams high, there, that’s the strategy. Hey, you’ve got to have somewhere to put all those riffs, innit.

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