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Dream On, Dreamer - Loveless

Sarah O’Connor
Sarah O’Connor 12 August 2013 at 17.51

Dream On, Dreamer - Loveless Cover

'Foundations' is a banger. The rest of the album is good but man, 'Foundations' is a BANGER.

You’re a stronger person than us if, one minute into ‘Foundations’ off this second album from Australia’s Dream On, Dreamer, you can play through seven seconds of the best metalcore bassline we’ve heard this year without skipping back to go again. But, as the rest of the album could have turned to shitty West Country hip-hop, we soldier on. And it’s worth the struggle. With the addition of new clean vocals, things have changed since their ’11 debut ‘Heartbound’ and you could blame this for the dip in pace during tracks five and six, but a great post-hardcore battery quickly resumes. Now, back to ‘Foundations’…

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