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Down I Go - Gods

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 7 November 2011 at 16.47

Down I Go - Gods Cover

Down I Go bow out. Not before they unleash this bad boy, though...

The brilliant loopiness of London’s Down I Go is concluding with a really quite marvelous Godcore four-track EP. The hardcore concept band (is that a thing?) are taking on the deities in this final record, and it’s spankingly nutty stuff. Down I Go aren’t a vapid novelty act though, and ‘Gods’ delivers big-time on the tunes. It goes without saying that they do things a bit differently, but there’s an idiosyncratic classiness about Down I Go that will be missed, from the atypical, funky falsettos of ‘Atlas’, to the general inventive streak that runs through everything they do. This is the fondest of fond farewells.

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