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Disco Drive - Things To Do Today

Amy McGill
Amy McGill 29 November 2007 at 23.54

Disco Drive - Things To Do Today Cover

Neo-new wave, post-punk, art-rock.

Neo-new wave, post-punk, art-rock. Today these terms have the tendency to float around just about any band that dare stray from the rock status quo. However, they wouldn't do this particular Italian trio much justice. As far as experimentalism, groove and melody go, they push the buttons hard enough to transcend such categories, preferring instead to stay in a delightfully whacked-out league of their own. 'The Flower Stall' is a case in point: wailing feedback, ethereal vocals, funky beats and messy guitars. The rest of the album takes smatterings of Joe Strummer gone prog, and wraps it all in delicious riffs, danceable beats, schizophrenic mood swings and cacophonous noise. An exhilarating ride.

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