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DevilDriver - ‘Pray For Villains’

Darren Sadler
Darren Sadler 13 July 2009 at 17.48

DevilDriver - ‘Pray For Villains’ Cover

Demonised meathead metal and plenty of grunts...

Having reached album number four we all know what to expect from DevilDriver by now right? Demonised meathead metal and plenty of grunts from the former Coal Chamber frontman (harping on about the Pantomime metallers is what us journos are good for, right Dez!). In reality, ‘Pray For Villains’ is a cut above what’s come before and shows a band on top of their game and prepared to show they’re not a one-trick pony. Opening with the neckbrace whirlwind of the title track, DevilDriver then proceed to show their adventurous side. What they’ve opted to do is work on their groove rather than reliance on out and out fury. The key to ‘Pray..’’s success is the sense that DevilDriver’s relentless touring schedule has honed them into a heavy metal machine that shows determination and an urgency to not rest on its laurels. Dez’ vocals are crystal clear, while the band’s punishing delivery is faultless. ‘Fate Stepped In’, and ‘Resurrection Blvd’ show a more controlled and thoughtful side to the quintet; the sinister beast of ‘It’s In The Cards’ slays, while the riotous ‘Another Night In London’ is a sure fire live favourite in the making. One of the heavy metal albums of the year without doubt.

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