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Destructo Swarmbots - Clear Light

Neil Gardner
Neil Gardner 3 June 2007 at 19.39

Destructo Swarmbots - Clear Light Cover

A wild ride on the dark side of psychedelia.

Destructo Swarmbots are clearly an uncompromising bunch, for beginning your debut album with an unfailingly bleak 40-minute, dark ambient track is a clear way of sorting the wheat from the chaff. But NYC duo Mike Mare and James O'Brien have garnered themselves a fearsome renown playing alongside New Jersey's avant hip-hop giants dälek, conjuring a hypnotic and at times fearful wall of improvised noise. 'Clear Light' is something of misnomer too, existing as it does in almost impenetrable sonic murk. 'Banta' and 'Fireberry' offer a maelstrom of ghost choirs and subterranean grumbles that feel like being slowly dragged into a vortex, while the sonorous bell tones of 'Phases' are rudely interrupted by a cavalcade of howling feedback. A wild ride on the dark side of psychedelia.

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