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Deftones - ‘Gore’

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 7 April 2016 at 10.15

Deftones - ‘Gore’ Cover

New Deftones. Get excited. 

Still unique and still inspired, Deftones return to the ring for another round of beauty and brutality. Dragging their new wave and post-punk influences to the fore, the Sacramento crew have produced their most dynamic, adventurous and downright strange album in years.

From the claustrophobic guitars and woozy melodic highs of ‘Acid Hologram’ to the thrash metal riffs of ‘Doomed User’ and slow-burning menace of ‘(L)MIRL’, ‘Gore’ makes for an unsettling ride. Even the poppy and euphoric ‘Phantom Bride’ hides a sting in the tail, with lead single ‘Prayers/Triangles’ probably the most straightforward song of the whole record. This is one to savour.

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