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Defences - ‘With Might And Main’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 18 May 2017 at 14.19

Defences - ‘With Might And Main’ Cover

An impressive debut.

There’s something instantly likable about Defences. Maybe it’s their desire to stand out from the crowd, or the attention to detail that shines through on this, the quintet’s debut full length.

With a well-rounded combination of glitchy synths, technically impressive riffs and piercing vocal refrains, there’s a refreshing sense of individuality running through ‘With Might And Main’ that’s often missing from bands of this ilk.

Sure, there are moments that fall a little flat and a bit of fat could be trimmed off, but for the most part this is an album of solid, forward-thinking modern metalcore with lofty ambitions.

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