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Decade - ‘Pleasantries’

Dannii Leivers
Dannii Leivers 17 February 2017 at 14.14

Decade - ‘Pleasantries’ Cover

This band.

With ‘Pleasantries’, Decade prove that their 2014 debut ‘Good Luck’ was no fluke.

These 11 songs represent a confident step forward, the band catapulting their spiky, distinctive take on UK pop-punk into even more exciting pastures.

‘Human Being’ and ‘Daisy May’ are angular, sharp-tongued anthems, boasting buoyant melodies and ultra-catchy hooks, facing off against the bittersweet ruminations of ‘Peach Milk’ and strangely cheerful ’90s vibes of ‘Turn Off Your TV’.

Here’s an infectious follow-up that cements Decade as one of the scene’s brightest hopes. 

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