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Dayshell - ‘Nexus’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 6 October 2016 at 14.09

Dayshell - ‘Nexus’ Cover

Deliciously heavy.

Delivering atmosphere and devastation in perfect harmony, Dayshell’s follow up to ’13’s self-titled debut is a gem.

Blending smouldering synths and hefty riffs with a towering vocal performance from Shayley Bourget, they craft a uniquely punishing sound that pushes and redefines boundaries that their previous material had built.

Through the tech twinges of ‘The Weapon’ and melody of ‘A New Man’, ‘Nexus’ seemingly surpasses Dayshell’s own self-made comfort zone and provides songs that not only slot neatly into current scene trends but also a sign of post-hardcore to come. 

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