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Dave Hause - Devour

Darren Johns
Darren Johns 29 October 2013 at 19.06

Dave Hause - Devour Cover

"A true talent lies at the heart of 'Devour'..."

The Springsteen-ifying of punk rock is now something so acceptable and assimilated that it’s hard to remember a time when tattooed dudes with dreadnoughts didn’t put on their best husky New Jersey drawl and tell animated stories full of allegory and manly metaphor. Thankfully, Philly troubadour Dave Hause’s sophomore platter manages to stand proud while casually dipping into drive-time radio (‘Same Disease’) and blue collar balladry (‘Before’). But when the band open things up on the punchy, Fallon-esque ‘Autism Vaccine Blues’ and ‘The Shine’, and when Hause strips it all back down for the awesome ‘Bricks’, it’s clear that a true talent lies at the heart.

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