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Dangerous! - Teenage Rampage

Tom Aylott
Tom Aylott 21 September 2011 at 17.04

Dangerous! - Teenage Rampage Cover

'Teenage Rampage'? We've had a few of them in our time...

With around the same amount of energy as an amphetamine-riddled ADHD sufferer setting off fireworks on a speedboat, Dangerous! have arrived from down under with this, their supercharged debut. Imagine if The Hives were locked in a room with a few hundred tinnies and the Beach Boys' back catalogue for a week, and you’re somewhere in the right sonic ballpark. Seemingly powered on charisma and stamina alone, Dangerous! are nothing if not ballsy, and though ‘Teenage Rampage’ probably (certainly) isn’t for prog fans, it really is everything stripped-down garage punk should be - high octane, full of attitude and stacks of fun.

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