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Dance Gavin Dance - ‘Mothership’

William Cross
William Cross 6 October 2016 at 14.26

Dance Gavin Dance - ‘Mothership’ Cover

A bold effort for album no.7

Dance Gavin Dance are powering forward with ‘Mothership’.

Their seventh album sees more eccentricities brought into the fold, the flute-assisted intro of ‘Young Robot’ and the blastbeats on ‘Petting Zoo Justice’ in particular.

Frontmen Tillian Pearson and Jon Mess effortlessly complement each other with unorthodox choruses, screams and lyrics, as on the utterly crazy ‘Flossie Dickie Bounce’ and huge chorus of ‘Betrayed By The Game’.

The band’s mad formula is familiar now, but there’s still enough experimentation here to keep things interesting.

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