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Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech

Sarah O’Connor
Sarah O’Connor 29 November 2013 at 15.43

Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech Cover

"Jonny who?"

You have to feel for Will Swan and Matt Mingus, Dance Gavin Dance’s guitarist and drummer, who by this stage have weathered approximately three billion line-up changes. However, what should be crippling instability highlights just how well the pair work together – ‘Acceptance Speech’ is a cracking record, its experimental post-hardcore including as many varied nuances as the band could pack into its running time. The sing-to-scream trick is a dead scene, but in DGD’s hands, they marry invigorating and venomous aggression to sublime passages, led by Tilian Pearson’s helium assisted vocals. Jonny who?

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