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Daath - ‘The Concealers’

Jim Burt
Jim Burt 28 April 2009 at 16.00

Daath - ‘The Concealers’ Cover

‘The Concealers’ will undoubtedly blow your head off...

If there are any doubters left that pondered the longevity of Daath after the departure of vocalist Sean Farber, or the band’s motivation to better themselves after the buzz surrounding their debut, there will surely be no detractors left after the Georgian quintet’s mammoth second effort has trampled them into extinction.
‘The Hinderers’ stood out for its groove, not common place amongst the genre, and ‘The Concealers’ follows this template further. Opener ‘Sharpen The Blades’, ‘Self Destruction Manifest’, ‘Silenced’, and ‘Of Poisoned Sorrows’ amongst others exhibit this groove-driven style with aplomb and bring flashes of Dimebag Darrell to mind, not to mention his vocal partner in crime, of which Daath’s new talisman frontman is rather reminiscent. Indeed, the awesome Sean Z leads the line with a far more focused aggression, providing a far better balance than his predecessor, his lyrical epithets and subject matter proving a perfect boon for the music, ramming home the angst in a hammer-fist style. This is a stirring sophomore by any measure and a clear step up from ‘The Hinderers’ in both composition and application, so despite which way you were leaning before you hit play, ‘The Concealers’ will undoubtedly blow your head off regardless.

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