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Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante

Ronnie Kerswell
Ronnie Kerswell 9 September 2010 at 15.50

Crippled Black Phoenix - I, Vigilante Cover

Crippled Black Phoenix are doing it their own way

Very rarely can it be said that a band are truly out there doing their own thing, and in an ocean of post-rock and leftfield bands who all want to be the next Neurosis / Isis / Mogwai etc, it’s truly refreshing to see an outfit following their own aural avenues. In the world of print, Crippled Black Phoenix are one of the UK’s most criminally overlooked bands, yet step into one of their shows and it’s a different story – they’re the scene’s best kept secret. With three full lengths already stringing their bow, this fourth effort sees yet another series of uncompromising soundscapes and ‘end-time ballads’ to see in the early hours, or the bottom of a bottle (whichever comes fi rst). And blending a cocktail of folk and post-rock with a hint of Victorian curiosities, ‘I, Vigilante’ is a finely crafted masterpiece that blends the right amount of lamentation and ardour. There’s a surprise in store via Journey cover ‘Of A Lifetime’, while ‘Bastogne Blues’ is a calmly atmospheric, yet subtly moody statement with an ambience not unlike the orchestral crew on the decks of the Titanic (just without the impending doom element). The soundtrack of our lives.

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