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Crazy Arm - Union City Breath

Emily Kearns
Emily Kearns 14 October 2011 at 12.17

Crazy Arm - Union City Breath Cover

More fine work from the 'Arm...

The Devon-dwelling, hard-touring Crazy Arm make a welcome return with this, their compelling sophomore full-length. Offering scores of intelligent folk-punk and reams of socio-political nuggets, ‘Union City Breath’ is delivered with a fired-up passion, cracking out a musical smörgasboard packed with thought-provoking moments, energy-busting floor-fillers and verging on precious, contrasting dual-vocals. Giant hooks, big choruses and soaring harmonies slip and slide over gentle acoustic strumming, ultimately pointing a finger to a more mainstream audience than these the ‘Arm have perhaps been used to until now.

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