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Crazy Arm - ‘Born To Ruin’

Paul Raggity
Paul Raggity 1 July 2009 at 15.00

Crazy Arm - ‘Born To Ruin’ Cover

They employ a vegan, atheist, political stance...

‘Crazy Arms’; American country choon from ’56, covered more times than a muslim woman’s face in public. ‘Crazy Arm’; a musical band from Plymouth. But there is a tentative link between the two. No, they’re not muslim women silly, but they do have a substantial Americana style roots/country injection running throughout their varied repertories of emo-melodic-based punk rock (of it’s most recent interpretation). They employ a vegan, atheist, political stance if such things influence your tastes, but if you prefer to base your judgment on songs alone, check ‘em out if you have a penchant for twisty, interchangeable melodic riffs with aggressive overtones.

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