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Cover Your Tracks - ‘Fever Dream’

Gav Lloyd
Gav Lloyd 6 October 2016 at 15.03

Cover Your Tracks - ‘Fever Dream’ Cover

It's a little confusing.

With rapid-fire riffing and lyrics that wade through murky subject matter, this could be the direction heavy music is heading in in the 21st century, or at least it could if this wasn’t so all over the place.

There are some real gems here like the glossy punk ‘n’ roll stomp of ‘Spin The Bottle’ and the broody, sweeping ‘Cages’. However, this lot have so many ideas at play that it becomes disorientating, especially with the likes of the piano-led balladry of ‘Are We Innocent’ being a jarring curveball.

Still, with a bit of direction and refinement they could become something special. 

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