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Counterfeit. - ‘Together We Are Stronger’

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 15 March 2017 at 16.30

Counterfeit. - ‘Together We Are Stronger’ Cover

 A powerful debut.

It doesn’t matter if you were in Twilight, Harry Potter or Dora The Explorer. It’s not about who you know or where you’ve been, but what you know. And as it happens, actor-turned-vocalist Jamie Campbell Bower and his gang of leather jacket-clad mates know how to pen a fiery rock ‘n’ roll song or two.

Oh, and Jamie has the voice and attitude to back most of it up. So much on ‘Together We Are Stronger’ harks back to a time when bands were gods and riffs felt dangerous, but it doesn’t always work.

‘Romeo’ feels like one big rock ‘n’ roll cliche, while sleazy, scuzzy ‘For The Thrill Of It’ is your mum’s idea of, ‘That loud rock music you’re always listening to’ – complete with not-at-all-sexy “ughs” from the frontman – but when they get it right, it’s really right.

Mournful, bluesy closer ‘Letters To The Lost’ brings on goosebumps and will surely slay live, while ‘Enough’ is plain furious and features some impressive, lightning-fast lyrical gymnastics from Jamie.

When you factor the soaring Twin Atlantic-isms of ‘Lost Everything’ and a shedload of riffs into the mix, ‘Together We Are Stronger’ ought to silence the band’s doubters.

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