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Chrome Hoof - Crush Depth

Noel F Gardner
Noel F Gardner 9 June 2010 at 14.00

Chrome Hoof - Crush Depth Cover

When Chrome Hoof fire, they smoke...

As Chrome Hoof have attained an actual and visible fan base, and their live shows have grown into silver foil-bedecked extravaganzas of indulgence, their actual music has settled into a certain groove. Their early-00s releases were fun but rather unfocused and sub-Mr Bungle-ish, but ‘Crush Depth’, their third full-length, descends once more into an imaginary prog underworld where artful math-rockers and live disco ensembles are given equal billing. One of the most pleasingly produced records you might hear in 2010 – helping the tracks to throb with classic techno’s
ambience and classic metal’s voracity – their grooves sometimes get rutted, but when Chrome Hoof fire, they smoke.

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