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Chickenhawk - Modern Bodies

26 October 2010 at 14.00

Chickenhawk - Modern Bodies Cover

Fucking great

Leeds-based band Chickenhawk are just one of the bands revitalising the thrash-punk of recent years. Mixing tech-metal guitar riffs and brutal drumming, ‘Modern Bodies’ cements their reputation as unrelenting noise bastards. Featuring all three tracks from last year‘s EP ‘A. Or Not?’ as well as tracks from the band’s self-titled debut, the quartet deliver frantic math-rock in all of its chaotic madness with this, a collection of their limited edition and out of print releases. ‘Mandarin Grin’ stands out as Chickenhawk fuse the more intricate guitar-led math-rock amidst their rough and unrelenting style, while opener ‘Scorpieau’ is a brutal delight. Fucking great.

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