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Chelsea Grin - Evolve

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 19 July 2012 at 16.34

Chelsea Grin - Evolve Cover

Uneasy listening? You'd expect nothing less...

Opening with a venomous, bile-ridden glare into the abyss, Chelsea Grin’s new EP has already scared off 99 per cent of their listeners. For the few that cling on to what the New Yorkers have to offer, the next few tracks of death-tinged metalcore horror scenes are an uneasy listen. Highlight ‘S.H.O.T.’ shows the band at their thrilling best, however, as they break away from the deathcore doldrums and actually find the remnants of a tune. When ignoring the stereotypes, the band display an array of extreme talent – it’s merely something that they need to show consistently to gain higher respect in the field.

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