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Chasing Safety - ‘NOMAD’

Dannii Leivers
Dannii Leivers 6 January 2017 at 10.47

Chasing Safety - ‘NOMAD’ Cover

Our thoughts on album no.2

The second album from these post-hardcore upstarts shows a band in flux, still figuring out their sound.

Wisely, Chasing Safety have stripped away the electronic effects and glitchy Escape The Fate-isms that cluttered 2014 debut ‘Season Of The Dead’. Instead, ‘NOMAD’ follows a more familiar path – all solid grooves and polished, bouncy riffs.

From glittering opener ‘Brand New Prison’ to the insistent ‘Long For More’, via the Vic Fuentes-esque flourishes on closer ‘Devil’s Son’, these songs will lodge themselves in your brain. 

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