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Casey - ‘Love Is Not Enough’

Mischa Pearlman
Mischa Pearlman 22 September 2016 at 15.04

Casey - ‘Love Is Not Enough’ Cover

A sterling debut from the Welsh group.

This Welsh five-piece mix up moments of spoken word confessionals, guttural screams and somnambulistic melodies to create an album of varied yet cohesive sounds.

‘Bloom’ and ‘Sleep’ are full-on catharsis ripped from the darkest shadows of human emotion, while ‘Little Bird’ and ‘Flowers’ offer some reprieve from the full-on sonic onslaught.

It all comes to a head with the harrowing and tormented ‘Mourning’, which ends the album with a powerful blast of emotional self-evisceration.

A brilliantly intense, accomplished and impressive debut.

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