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Carnifex - ‘Slow Death’

Candice Haridimou
Candice Haridimou 4 August 2016 at 14.33

Carnifex - ‘Slow Death’ Cover

This is heavy. Really heavy.

While these days many see deathcore as the metal equivalent of flogging a dead horse, Carnifex are sticking to their roots, albeit while giving the genre a shot in the arm with a hefty dose of black metal.

Moody synths and solos meet breakdowns and blast beats and the results are mercilessly heavy. ‘Necrotoxic’ and ‘Countess Of The Crescent Moon’ strike like multiple blows to the skull, with Scott Lewis’ demonic growls sounding fiercer than ever.

Fans will squeal with delight but the California five-piece have expanded their sound enough to potentially convert many of the naysayers as well.

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