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Burn The Fleet - The Modern Shape

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 27 April 2012 at 17.25

Burn The Fleet - The Modern Shape Cover

It's free with Rock Sound 161 and it's fantastic. Ladies and gentlemen, 'The Modern Shape'...

The debut album from Southampton’s Burn The Fleet marries the sprawling dynamics of Alexisonfire with the raw emotion of Thrice to stunning effect. Just one of the secrets to its success comes in the shape of singer Andrew Convey’s vocals. A real force, on the likes of ‘Six Sisters’ and ‘Cenotaph’ he builds intricate layers of vocal harmonies to create a powerful wall of sound, perfectly melding with the wide-eyed panoramic scope of the music underneath. ‘The Modern Shape’ is a hugely confident and accomplished debut and another shot in the arm for UK rock music. For this exciting young band, the sky is most certainly the limit.

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