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Brutality Will Prevail - Root Of All Evil

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 8 October 2010 at 14.00

Brutality Will Prevail - Root Of All Evil Cover

Brutality Will Prevail deliver huge fat riffs, simply and effectively

You sometimes really can’t beat a huge fat riff, simple and effective, like a kick to the face, and opening track ‘Trapped Doors Moving Walls’ adds a steel-toe cap to the equation as it sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Whether it’s the monolithic instrumental ‘Illusions’ or the sheer orgasmic assault of highlight ‘Early Grave’ (on this month‘s Bugging Your Ears CD), the South Wales boys blend hardcore with some metal riffage that often echoes a long-lost Dimebag Darrell. The acoustic tremblings of ‘Rot Away’ show the heart of a band who aren’t always just in your face, although that’s exactly where you want them to be.

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