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Brutality Will Prevail - ‘In Dark Places’

Luke Morton
Luke Morton 15 March 2017 at 16.34

Brutality Will Prevail - ‘In Dark Places’ Cover


Three years have passed since this lot’s last full-length, ‘Suspension Of Consciousness’ tore us a new one, and now they’re returning as grizzled veterans.

The Welsh mob have certainly grown and matured as songwriters, delivering a mesh of sledgehammer riffs and expansive, dynamic touches.

Like a wild animal toying with its prey, they prefer to slash and bite at listeners, rather than devouring us whole. Nothing feels forced; the air of brooding menace offset by relentless, chugging guitars and Louis Gauthier’s truly barbaric vocals, perfectly showcased on closer ‘Elegy’.

Welcome back, lads.

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