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Brutal Deluxe - Wall Of Damage

Ronnie Kerswell
Ronnie Kerswell 5 August 2010 at 14.00

Brutal Deluxe - Wall Of Damage Cover

Brutal Deluxe return with their long awaited third album

With the current slew of great bands from the early 00s making a return it’s like we’ve travelled back in time! Yet another band to disappear off the sonic radar far too early, Brutal Deluxe are back in action to reclaim their dues. Recorded at their own studio, ‘Wall Of Damage’ is loaded with the primal rugged riffery and throaty vocal delivery that earned them a healthy following. Disappointingly, the strong tribal element is gone, but tracks like the brutal ‘Drop The Bomb’, 'Blind Love’, with its hint of eastern promise and the solid slow tempo of ‘Even Pieces’ provide some solace.

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