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Bring Me The Horizon At Reading: “One Of The Most Exciting Bands We’ve Got”

Gav Lloyd
Gav Lloyd 30 August 2015 at 11.12

Bring Me The Horizon At Reading: “One Of The Most Exciting Bands We’ve Got”

Bring Me The Horizon at Reading Festival? Huge. Just huge.

Excitement for Bring Me The Horizon is at fever pitch right now. With a headline show at Wembley Arena in the bag and colossal new album 'That's The Spirit' on the way, they're in Reading Festival for the most important festival set of their career.

They don't disappoint.

Firstly, they sound incredible. Opening with 'Happy Song', they start as they mean to go on. A lot of their flourish tonight is down to Jordan Fish's electronic wizardry. As well as helping push the band's sound forward, he's also breathed new life into old favourites like 'Chelsea Smile', which is one of the most brutal things to ever blast out of the Reading main stage. It's a safe bet any Mumford And Sons fans were running for the hills, anyway.

Visually, they're jaw-dropping. Unsettling imagery of churches burning, people with guns to their heads and a whole host of other footage make appearances on the screens. It's incredibly dark, but it makes for an intense, gripping spectacle.

That production wouldn't mean a thing if the show that accompanied it wasn't up to scratch, needless to say that's not the case. The whole band is incredible, but it can't be denied what a captivating figure Oli Sykes is. His admission that, "If it wasn't for you lot I'd be dead" during 'Can You Feel My Heart' is poignant, and the massive grin that regularly appears on his face could say more than any words could about how much being in this band means to him, his band and the tens of thousands of people screaming back every word.

They may be one step away on this year's bill, but this was a set of festival headline quality, and further proof that Bring Me The Horizon are not only one of the most exciting bands we've got, but one of the most important as well.

Words by Gav Lloyd, photos by Ben Gibson. Check out our full gallery of Bring Me The Horizon at Reading Festival here.

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