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Brilliant Colors - Introducing…

Adam F. Kennedy
Adam F. Kennedy 25 December 2009 at 14.00

Brilliant Colors - Introducing… Cover

Three ladies resembling The Slits dressed for a summer holiday...

If the nascent noise-pop movement – No Age, etc – has lacked anything to date, it’s a few extra members of the fairer sex. San Francisco-based Brilliant Colors level that balance with three ladies resembling The Slits dressed for a summer holiday. There are precedents for their fuzzy, head-in-the-stars garage-pop, too: namely hip all-girl New York trio Vivian Girls’ perfect fuzzed-out two-minute ditties. Although their cross-coast peers got there first, Brilliant Colors replace any Ramones -indebted snarl with joyful kaleidoscopic intent. And the greatest compliment they elicit is that tunes like ‘Absolutely Anything’ possess the instant familiarity of lost 60s flower-pop classics.

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