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Brand New - ‘Daisy’

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 21 September 2009 at 15.30

Brand New - ‘Daisy’ Cover

Brand New are now artistically unrivalled by their peers...

Back in 06, Brand New unleashed their third record, ‘The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me’, to widespread acclaim. It was immersive, dense - at times audaciously creative; an instant classic that signposted the band’s stunning sonic evolution. Where could they possibly go next? Well, in retaining a similar brooding ambience, ‘Daisy’ – the much-anticipated follow-up – has a lot in common with ‘TDAG...’ but it presents a more refined version of the sound. The majority of the songs are under 3.30mins, the whole record zipping by in under 40mins. There’s curveballs along the way but it’s a record that mostly gets straight to the point. Where Brand New do take another evolutionary step forward is in their experimentation with dynamics. Songs lurch from the band’s heaviest yet (the projectile Nirvana-style thrashings of ‘Vices’ and ‘Be Gone‘) through brooding introspection (‘Bed‘, ‘Daisy’) to the truly elegiac (‘You Stole.’) This lends the record a volatile, dense atmosphere; unwelcoming at first but, carried on waves of melody, is eventually the key to its success. Lyrically, ‘Daisy’ is mordant and ill-at-ease; adding credence to their recent threats to jack it all in. But Brand New are now artistically unrivalled by their peers; it would be astonishing if they didn’t see where else they could go.

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