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Blood Command - Ghostclocks

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 3 November 2010 at 13.00

Blood Command - Ghostclocks Cover

Blood Command are, as they say, big noise

They may be little-known beyond their native turf, but back home in Norway the misleadingly named Blood Command are, as they say, big noise. ‘Ghostclocks’, an album so good that you genuinely can’t believe that your ears have been doing without it, gives more than a hint as to why. Remembering a time when rock music could be both head-caving and danceable, Blood Command have combined driving anthemia, lacerating stabs of guitar-hammering ferocity, thunderous percussive workouts and a vocalist capable of carrying both a pristine melodic hook and a glass-shattering scream, to produce a body of work which simply screams ‘rock stars’.

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