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Blakfish - ‘Champions’

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 10 August 2009 at 18.11

Blakfish - ‘Champions’ Cover

This debut album brilliantly asserts musical quality...

Whereas most teams, including Rock Sound, at Big Scary Monsters Records’ recent five-a-side football tournament took it surprisingly seriously, Blakfish turned up, got shit-faced on cider, and conceded a record number of goals while playing semi-naked. Champions of the beautiful game they most definitely are not, but this debut album brilliantly asserts their musical quality. Recorded in Seattle over five weeks with These Arms Are Snakes drummer Chris Common behind the production desk, the band have taken the promise laid down on last year’s ‘See You In Another City’ EP and focused it into an utterly exhilarating 10-track experience. Penning tunes that never stay true to the constraints of a single genre, the Birmingham quartet’s self-described ‘Death Pop’ gives the songs on ‘Champions’ a pleasing polarity, veering between musical styles from track to track and within individual songs. The lyrics are consistently fantastic throughout, doing justice to song titles such as ‘Your Hair’s Straight, But Your Boyfriend Ain’t’, as dual vocalists Thomas Rock and Sammy Vile smartly rage about subjects ranging from bastard banks to crap jobs, parking fines, relationships, passing fashion fads, rubbish music, and beyond. ‘Champions’ is an awesome and truly distinctive record. Back of the net!

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