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Black Spiders - Sons Of The North

Peter Clark
Peter Clark 3 February 2011 at 09.00

Black Spiders - Sons Of The North Cover

The eagerly awaited full-length from Black Spiders doesn't disappoint...

It’s been a long, much anticipated wait between the hairy bad-ass‘ debut single ‘St. Peter’, and this, their debut album, ‘Sons Of The North’. In those two years, the band have managed to keep their tongues firmly in cheek as much as they‘ve kept their amps at 11, as they lay siege with their brand of medieval biker rock. The band are full of meaty riffs on ‘Blood Of The Kings’ and, well, every other track, but when lines such as “eat thunder, shit lightning” are bellowed on ‘What Good’s A Rock Without A Roll?’, every headbang is caressed with a smile.

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