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Billy Talent – ‘Afraid Of Heights’

Matt Ayres
Matt Ayres 28 July 2016 at 16.50

Billy Talent – ‘Afraid Of Heights’ Cover

Five albums in and still going strong.

Five studio albums in and it’s impossible to mistake Billy Talent for anyone else.

‘Afraid Of Heights’ seamlessly fits in alongside their back catalogue and is a showcase of a band playing to their strengths. The trebled-up angular riffs of ‘The Crutch’ and ‘February Winds’ are instantly recognisable as the work of axeman Ian D’Sa, while Ben Kowalewicz’s characteristic yells lead the way on ‘Louder Than The DJ’ and ‘Time-Bomb Ticking Away’.

It’s a piercing combo that’s abrasive at times, but hey, this is Billy Talent doing what Billy Talent do best. While ‘Afraid Of Heights’ may fail to break any new ground, if you love this band’s idiosyncrasies, there is plenty to enjoy here.

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