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Baroness - Yellow & Green

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 24 July 2012 at 17.56

Baroness - Yellow & Green Cover

What we have come to expect from Baroness is greatness. And they never let us down...

It’s been three years since Savannah’s finest sludge ‘metallers’ released new music, but now they’re spoiling us with an 18-track behemoth split into two (you guessed it, ‘Yellow’ and ‘Green’). Single ‘Take My Bones Away’ was a great foresight into what the four-piece have grown into, introducing more melodic aspects and exploring new sounds and techniques, but if you’re looking for another sludgy, hard-hitting metal record you’ll be left disappointed as Baroness have pretty much severed all ties with that side of things. This is an album of atmosphere, huge highs, crushing lows, melodies, crescendos and something entirely new that still sounds natural. Stunning.

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