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Bald Eagle - Hot Shoulders

Tim Newbound
Tim Newbound 29 November 2007 at 21.53

Bald Eagle - Hot Shoulders Cover

Missouri quartet Bald Eagle are a weird wee band...

Missouri quartet Bald Eagle are a weird wee band: their skewed often approach marries a classic rock worship of the riff to subtle, intelligent punk a la Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu. This, unsurprisingly, sounds rather ace for the most part, early choice cuts 'These Are Cobras, Man' and 'Rodents Of Unusual Size' rolling out riffs Thin Lizzy would have been happy with while hitting you with dramatic urgency and discordant, anguished yelps. Through its 11-track duration these impressive guitar lines continue to come thick and fast, but they still manage to throw in a couple of delicate instrumental moments in the chilled-out closer and midpoint 'Lemon Lime. Be On Time. Definitely worth checking out.

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