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August Burns Red - ‘Constellations’

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 4 August 2009 at 15.00

August Burns Red - ‘Constellations’ Cover

‘Constellations’ reveals more and more...

With familiar cascading riffs aplenty and breakdowns in all the best places, on the surface August Burns Red could appear to be just another cookie cutter metalcore band. Indeed, on first spin, the band’s sophomore record reveals little other than a generic trip through the kind of melodic metal territory ploughed a million times before but, with repeated listens, ‘Constellations’ reveals more and more until you wonder why you ever doubted it. ‘Ocean of Apathy’ and ‘Marianas Trench’ utilise jazzy passages to devastating effect but are mere pit stops on the way to ‘Indonesia’, the single most face-melting track all year. Excellent stuff.

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