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Attention Thieves - Hard Truths

Jen Walker
Jen Walker 20 September 2013 at 15.59

Attention Thieves - Hard Truths Cover

Attention Thieves: blowing other new bands out of the water.

‘Hard Truths’ is one of those EPs that you listen to a couple of times and find it hard to understand the hype, but on repeated visits it begins to make a lot more sense. This six-tracker offers singalong choruses (‘I Swear’), aggression (‘Take A Bow’), and the whole thing kicks off with a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Hundred Reasons or Reuben album (‘Prove You Wrong’). While none of it is treading new ground, Attention Thieves have written an EP that blows a lot of other new bands trying to do something similar out of the water, and off the back of it, we’d advise keeping an eye on this lot as 2014 rolls around.

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