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Attack! Vipers! - Deadweight Revival

Ryan Bird
Ryan Bird 25 January 2012 at 18.24

Attack! Vipers! - Deadweight Revival Cover

Portsmouth's reliable Vipers do it again!

Whether you like your hardcore fast and furious or brooding and emotive, it’s safe to say that Portsmouth’s Attack! Vipers! have something for everyone. Their eighth release in just six years, ‘Deadweight Revival’ sees the quartet taking everything that’s great about the genre - rage, desperation and more than a sprinkling of raw emotion - and expertly (not to mention effortlessly) weaving them together across 12 glorious tracks. From the crusty, full-throttle animosity of ‘Reverse Heart Attack’ to the spoken word serenity of ‘Out In The Dark’, this is as varied and ultimately impressive a record as you’re likely to hear.

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