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At The Gates - At War With Reality

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 20 October 2014 at 17.30

At The Gates - At War With Reality Cover

Death metal titans At The Gates release their latest album this month. Here's what we made of it

It doesn’t quite match the ultra-focused ferocity of its predecessor – the enormously influential ’95 effort ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ - but ‘At War With Reality’ is anything but anticlimactic. Nineteen years on from their paradigm-shifting opus, At The Gates are still masters of melodic death metal. Cuts like ‘The Circular Ruins’ and ‘Eater Of Gods’ are conceived with surgical precision, and uninspired moments are few and far between. Occupying a middle-ground between the thrashy, riff-a-minute assault of ’95 and the Gothenburg band’s earlier, darkly atmospheric releases, these 13 tracks form a cohesive and consistently evocative whole.

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