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Astrohenge - Astrohenge

Pete Withers
Pete Withers 19 July 2010 at 20.46

Astrohenge - Astrohenge Cover

Psychedelic by name, psychedelic by nature, man...

Another day, another instrumental, psychedelic rock group roll up, light up, and ramblingly wind their way towards a hazy horizon. Actually, not quite. There are undoubtedly some hypnotically driving rhythms on display here, but there’s also a serious grasp of what makes for a compelling record. So, as well as conjuring up a veritable festival of red-blooded riff-mongery, Astrohenge add creepy atmospherics, tinkling keys, horror movie-esque sound effects and laid-back, intriguing moments of reprieve to make this a remarkably immersive beast. Constantly changing tack without ever disengaging the quality control, ‘Astrohenge’ is a supremely satisfying journey into groovy oblivion.

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