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As It Is - ‘okay.’

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 13 January 2017 at 11.22

As It Is - ‘okay.’ Cover

An essential listen.

As It Is are travelling back in time.

On ‘okay.’ they inhabit a place where everyone hangs out in diners, white picket fences line the streets and people still use the word ‘swell’. It sounds idyllic, but everything is most certainly not rosy.

Delving deeper and darker than ever before on album two, the Brighton crew go confessional, apologetic and apoplectic across the best songs they’ve ever recorded.

In the past, the quintet could’ve been accused of sounding a little too delicate, but the first half of this album delivers a succession of big hitters – heralding the influence of producer and long-time All Time Low co-writer Mike Green.

Opening trio ‘Pretty Little Distance’, ‘okay.’ and ‘Hey Rachel’ are as powerful as they are catchy, while elsewhere there’s a Good Charlotte-esque monologue on ‘No Way Out’ that proves this band have balls as well as hooks.

‘Soap’ starts slow and sultry before building into a soaring, abrasive highlight that shows off a newfound grit to frontman Patty Walters’ voice, and the lyrics hit hard too. Lines like “I can’t promise that I’ll be fine,” on ‘Until I Return’ and “I begin to see myself for who I truly was. Somebody desperate,” show this band as the flawed human beings they are; making ‘okay.’ real, raw and one of 2017’s first essential listens.

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