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Area 11 – ‘Modern Synthesis’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 30 June 2016 at 17.11

Area 11 – ‘Modern Synthesis’ Cover

Well, this is a mixed bag...

Ten million YouTube views? Over 100,000 fans following the band on social media? Selling out shows in a few hours? It’s safe to say that Area 11 have already captured plenty of people’s attention.

Now the band are looking to plot further scene domination with their debut full-length, but ‘Modern Synthesis’ is a mixed bag. Lush electronics melt over rampant riffing and engaging vocals during the album’s peaks, while elsewhere things drift into far too safe waters and unfortunately fall rather flat.

When Area 11 cut loose they deliver some irrestible earworms, and that’s where the band’s potential truly lies.

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