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Arctic Monkeys - ‘Humbug’

Trevor Baker
Trevor Baker 24 August 2009 at 15.57

Arctic Monkeys - ‘Humbug’ Cover

Maturity is an over-rated virtue for young bands...

Maturity is an over-rated virtue for young bands. It usually means slowing down and losing the energy. Arctic Monkeys, however, have gone straight from the whippersnapper stage to debonair lounge lizards without missing a beat. The beat, in fact, is crucial. Drummer Matt Helders holds everything together with a rare swing as well as a swagger. Judging by the similarities between tracks like the louche ‘Fire And The Thud’ and The Last Shadow Puppets album, though, this is very much Alex Turner’s record and he’s never sounded better. Half James Bond to half James Bolam he’s still got the northern wit but ‘Humbug’ is also extraordinarily suave.

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